Video is rapidly becoming the most effective way to reach online audiences. People are consuming more online video than any other form of media based on data usage, and the rate of video consumption is predicted to rise astronomically within the next few years.

For Accounting practices, this capability can spell a big audience and consequently a bigger client roster. accounting videos can literally explode your web presence online through both improved SEO performance and viral shares. Each one of these exposures introduces people to your accounting brand as a knowledge leader, warming them up to the idea of using your services. Making accounting videos also separates you sharply from your competitors, a majority of which will never even consider uploading videos online.

Take advantage of these benefits and many more by using Brand CPA to help create your accounting videos to boost online visibility and foster affinity from online audiences.

VIDEO QUICK TIPS: We take a quick look at some helpful tips when creating your videos.

Testimonials – Make sure to make your accounting testimonial videos as authentic as possible. Don’t feed your clients lines to say, or expect them to be perfect. Instead, ask them questions that will help them say what you would like them to, but in their own way. For example: “What issues were you having before you came here?” and “What has this new-found health allowed you to enjoy life more?”.   Always ask open ended questions rather than one that can be answered with a “Yes” or “no”.

Mission and Vision videos – These are often your chance to pitch yourself and accounting to your practice. When planning what and how to say it, think about if you only had three minutes to speak to someone about the benefits of accounting, and why you love it. This will help keep you informative, yet authentic in your passion and heart behind your choice to be a accountant.

Video Marketing is the future of Accounting Marketing

Improvements in technology have made video more convenient to create, host share and view. Better hosting practices allow video quality to increase. Improved connection speeds mean a wider audience can view the video in high quality without hiccups. Coding practices like embedded videos make sharing simple; someone can now simply click on a video in a post rather than following an outside link. Mobile devices and optimized apps allow people to view video anywhere in the world, and it will look gorgeous on their crystal-clear, razor-sharp screens.

All of these elements are lending to a shift from other types of content into video, and the results are paying off:

  • 100 million people watch online video every day.
  • Market research shows that 92 percent of mobile video viewers are chronic sharers of the videos they watch.
  • By 2017, experts predict that 74 percent of all online traffic will be video content.
  • 52 percent of marketers say that video has the highest return on investment compared to other forms of content

The results are real, too. People are more likely to find video since Google owns YouTube and purposefully integrates videos into search results. The same people are also more likely to click on a video than read an article. If they like what they saw, they can share it online through sites like Facebook and Twitter where their friends are more likely to notice it and click on it.

These effects mean that any business that wants someone to hear what they have to say should say it with video.

How Accounting Videos Can Help Your Business

Looking specifically at accounting practices, video can help you interact with an audience of potential customers in cutting-edge ways. You can consistently and creatively tell a story about your practice, and that story is always perfectly repeatable any time someone hits “play.” Testimonials from your best wellness stories, information about how accounting improves lives and instructional videos on how to diagnose or treat pain can all draw you an audience that is willing to hang upon your every word.

Let us help your practice become an online star with our high-quality videos that communicate your message perfectly and beautifully. We never compromise on quality, making your practice look professional and current.

Come to Brand CPA to create memorable, gorgeous and engaging stories through the Accounting videos we can help you create. You can impress people and encourage them to have better, less painful lives through your services.