Boosting your Videos on Facebook

Why do I need to boost posts?

Did you know that Facebook has decreased the organic reach for practice’s business page. That means that to be seen in your community’s news feed, you need to spend some money on Facebook ads.  Don’t feel the need to boost every post.  We’re specifically talking about videos on this blog, and we definitely encourage you to boost posts based on your custom videos.

Promoting this content can increase traffic to your Facebook page, website and ultimately bring in more clients!


Upload your video to Youtube or Facebook.  We recommend doing both because Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine, and Facebook handles videos on its servers better.  For this post, uploading your video to Facebook is most important.


Boosting a post is very easy to do and available for any post on your page’s timeline. All you need to do is click Boost Post in the lower right corner of your post.



  1.  “People who like you page and their friends” – Use this option if you have quality likes on your page. If most of them are practice members, this option will send this video to them and their friends which could grow your client base, and encourage them to share the post.
  2. “People you choose through Targeting” – This is more advanced, but this is where it becomes crucial to advertise to your town.
    • Click “Create New Audience” at the bottom.  Enter the ages of your average practice member range  (generally 30 years +)
    • Type in your location (City, State), and the towns around you.  This will make sure you’re only posting to your area. No reason to advertise all over the country.
    • Interests:  You can add things like health, nutrition, exercise, fitness, accounting
    • Budget:  We recommend doing 7-10 days.  Price ranges from your market but anywhere from $5-10 / day is great  (that number will go up over time as Facebook ads become more popular

The boost post ad with targeting is a quick way to set up an ad, but if you really want to focus on driving traffic to your website, I suggest setting up conversion pixels and doing a website conversion ad.

When you boost a post, the ad results show up in your Facebook Ads Manager. From there you can monitor the ad, run more detailed reports and watch the performance.

Promote a Post

The other way to push a post into the news feed is to use the Ads Manager to promote a post. The benefit of promoting a post is that you have more targeting, pricing and bidding options.

To promote your posts you can visit: .

Generally using  “Promote people near your business” is the best option for accountant.

When you click Continue, you’ll see that the Page Post Engagement option gives you more targeting options and you can even use a conversion pixel if your post is sending traffic to your website where you’ve installed a conversion pixel.

As you can see, there are many ways to use Facebook for advertising, but we wanted to give you a very easy and actionable step toward using it.