A brand involves the summation of experiences with your business, including what people see on the walls when they come to your offices. Everything works together to create a unique whole that communicates the core values you want to express to your clients and business partners.

That fact is why branding extends beyond just coming up with a logo to put on your website and office stationary. Every single detail must be consistent in order for branding to be completely effective, including office art. By paying attention to aspects like these, your accounting practice branding can become more effective and memorable, setting you leagues apart from your competitors.

True Branding Requires Commitment

When many people approach accounting practice branding, they come up with a logo, a catch phrase and perhaps a color scheme to tie everything together. Outside of the occasional commercial or brochure, that branding is never really seen again in that form. Instead, many accounting practices simply stamp their logo on things as a haphazard form of territory marking, as if to say “That pen, it’s mine, too.”

Using branding in this way can make it almost meaningless. Seeing your logo does little to conjure up the values your office stands for or the unique way it treats its clients.

Put more effort into the process and leverage more value out of the branding you took the time to create by incorporating it everywhere — from the way people answer the phone to the way your office looks. By pulling together all the disparate elements and making them one cohesive whole, your website, videos, handouts and other materials become that much more impactful.

How to Brand Your Office Art

These principles come into play even when talking about office art. The posters you hang around for clients to see and the art they view in hallways and the waiting room should echo the themes of your brand.

For posters, this can be as simple as ensuring that they have the same font family and color scheme as your website and promotional materials. You can reprint common office poster designs with custom details without spending a great deal of money. Even if you prefer having the standard anatomy charts, try to find ones that somehow fit better within your branding than the others, and then supplement them with on-brand signs and posters of your own.

As for framed art and photos, match up their themes and imagery. For instance, accounting practice branding that wants to emphasize their long-standing role in the community can find vintage photos of the city they are located. An office touting a natural, holistic experience can look for peaceful nature photos and close-up images of flowers that match their color scheme.

Subtle touches like these tie everything together, making each detail more meaningful and working to create a better image for your brand. Take this strategy to heart as you try to craft accounting practice branding that puts you above your competition.

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