Mobile has become more important to people’s daily routines than ever, and that includes the way they find local businesses to visit. If you have a website that is not ready for mobile, you could be turning away lots of traffic along with the possibility of business that can come with it.

Ensure that your customers are getting the full mobile experience they deserve while new leads start off fresh with a positive impression of your business by making your site mobile-ready. In today’s world, mobile accounting websites are the only choice for businesses that want to remain competitive.


It’s a Mobile World

Mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop computer traffic midway through last year. That means that more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse online than at their desktops or laptops. Since mobile users are often on the go, the fact that they have more time to browse and use more data throughout the day makes sense.

Help out people like this by optimizing your site to be mobile friendly. To clarify, “mobile friendly” simply means that the way your site shows up on their mobile device looks presentable and functional. Sites that are not mobile friendly often display bizarrely with tiny text, graphics that overlap or unusable features because they are hidden by other elements — even if they look great on a regular computer.

The solution to these problems is a responsive design accounting website. “Responsive” refers to the fact that the website display responds to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. That way, someone using an older iPhone 4 with a smaller screen and someone using an iPhone 5 Plus with a massive screen get relatively the same experience from your site. This strategy prevents you from having to create a mobile site from scratch while keeping your branding and website experience consistent.


The Mobile-pocalypse

Another compelling reason to create a mobile accounting website is that Google has started boosting mobile-friendly business sites at the expense of competitors who are not mobile friendly. That means if there are thirty accounting practices in your town and you are the only one without an optimized mobile accounting site, you will be at the bottom of the heap. Ranking that low in search engine results hurts the leads you get from people searching for accounting offices near them. Since 50 percent of mobile searches lead to a visit within 24 hours, your poor visibility online can literally cost you.

The best way to comply with the Google mobile-friendly requirement is to develop a simple, useful site with responsive design. This tactic will keep your website management straightforward and develop a cohesive image for your company no matter what type of device customers are looking for you on.

Let us help you master the art of mobile accounting websites with our beautiful responsive sites crafted in WordPress. Such a site will be easy to modify as needed or add content to. It can also stay up-to-date on the latest best practices for coding and presentation.

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